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We had two bathroom remodel done by Area Construction. Hamid provided a fairly competitive quote and finished the job with very good quality within +-2 days of the planned date. The whole crew was nice and responsible especially he had a wonderful plumber. We had only a few misunderstandings and one little mistake but they fixed both cases. Overall the experience was fairly smooth. The best part about Hamid is that after a few interactions you feel you can trust him. He went out of his way once or twice to tell us why we may want to reconsider our choice to get a nice and more functional bathroom. He also called us once and wanted to share his contractor discount with us.
Posted By: SAM K.
This is a great company to work with. For us it was remodeling most of our home; completely changing the kitchen and adding a bedroom and bathroom. I was expecting this to be very stressful, but Hamid and his crew made it as easy as possible. Not only did we appreciate the quality of the work, but also the fact that Hamid gets to know you so well that he knows what you'll like before you do! By the time we got to the bathroom I let him pick everything, and I LOVE it!! I'm pretty picky so I would leave post-its on anything I wanted fixed; things as small as a missed spot on a painted wall or a crooked switch plate cover. Every post-it was taken care of without complaints. His employees are another positive factor. I've especially enjoyed working with Dave, Dario, "The Other Hamid" and recently, Rafi. At the end of the remodel not only will you have a beautiful home, but new friends as well!
Posted By: First time remodeler
This contractor has a unbeatable and optimized price with high quality of design and performance in comparing with others. Not only the price is great they have all skilled technicians you need in small or big remodeling projects. I have remodeled our bathroom, office, garage , and recently our kitchen by them. They look great and I'm very happy with them.The other significant attributes of this contractor are their fast pace, cleanliness, and being responsive to your customized demands. So I recommend them for sure to my other friends.
Posted By: Mehdi S.
I've had many experiences with multiple different contractors and nobody has even come close to Hamid, the owner of Area Construction. In March 2010 I had finally decided to completely remodel my house. He and the rest of the company were a pleasure to work with and the only surprise that arose during construction was how fast the home was complete! I wanted to add about 1000 square feet to my house, both in the front and in the back, and also completely remodel my 2 bathrooms and kitchen. Every contractor I spoke with quoted me a timeline of between 6-9 months, but with Area Construction, by home was 100% completed after 3 months! For those of you who do not know how long a project like this takes, I promise that you that it is unheard of. Hamid had told me that it would take 3 months, but I really didn't believe him and rented an apartment for 5 months. Good thing I was able to get my money back when my home was complete! Everyday, I would drive by my home to take a look at the progress and everyday I would be amazed at how quickly, cleanly, and professionally it was progressing. All the employees were extremely kind and a pleasure to get to know and I still keep in touch with the owner. I had heard stories from friends about contractors who would make promises and then give you less than what you were told, but with Hamid and Area Construction I was really given more than I could ever imagine. A great example of this is when I asked for the shower in my bathroom to be tiled all around. I chose a color and expected it to be tiled everywhere. What I saw when the job was complete was detailed designs matching my color beautifully placed in a few places and TILE CROWN MOULDING all the way around the top edges! It was more incredible than I can even explain. When my kitchen was done, it looked like a custom kitchen out of a 5-star magazine! I couldn't believe that it was mine! The amount of detail that goes into Hamid's work is unbelievable! Overall, I had one of the most professional and greatest experiences that I have ever encountered when trusting a complete stranger with my home! I couldn't be happier with the final result and would recommend Hamid and Area Construction to anybody who wants any type of work done to their house. Hamid turned my house into a home and I am forever grateful!
Posted By: Ralf G.
I was thinking to have addition and remodel my house.When I talked to Hamid as Area Construction he changed my mind by new interior design and gave me all I needed in my house and the cost became half of the budget that I was planning to spend.He is very professional and knows what to do in his job to satisfy the owners.
Posted By: MARY
We hired Area construction to divide a large bedroom into 2 & re-did our fireplace in the family room and added 2 new windows in the family room. Area construction did an excellent job with both these projects. My wife was very happy with the way the fireplace turned out. Hamid went beyond the requirements of the project and also included many additional stuff along with this project and was always available to address our questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Hamid and Area construction for home reconstruction/remodeling projects. He makes sure you are satisfied with his work and works tirelessly to achieve that.
Posted By: Krishna Viswanathan
Owner of house, Pleasanton
Area Construction has sub contractors who are very professional and value customer service. They provided end to end project requirements including Architect and City Permits. Finished the job 15 days ahead of schedule and provided great quality and satisfied all of our requirements beyond. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants to do addition or remodeling his/her home.
Posted By: Rajesh Menon
Owner of residential house, Fremont

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